Zoysia Turf & Zoysia Grass Sod

Zoysia Grass Sod for Sale in Arkansas

Meyer Zoysia is an improved strain of Zoysia Japonica.  It is a single plant selection taken from 50 odd selections of common Zoysia Japonica grown from seed by the United States Department of Agriculture in 1940.

Meyer Zoysia was developed and released cooperatively by the Crops Research Division, Agriculture Research Service, and the U.S. Golf Association Green section in 1951.  The selection upon release was named Meyer in honor of Frank N. Meyer, a plant explorer for the Department of Agriculture, who made the first collection of Zoysia seed in Korea in 1905.  Zoysia was named to commemorate Karl Von Zois, an Austrian Botanist of the 18th century.

Meyer Zoysiagrass, also called Z-52 is an improved selection of Z. Japonica.  It has a medium-Coarse leaf texture, good cold tolerance and spreads more rapidly than most other Zoysiagrass.  This is the Zoysia often advertised as the “Super” Grass in the newspapers and magazines.  It is susceptible to nematode damage and is discouraged where nematodes are a problem (Typically nematode problems are common is sandy soils).

A Zoysiagrass lawn is considered a high maintenance turf. Depending on soil type, Zoysiagrass will respond better with 3 to 5 fertilizations per growing season.

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